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Personalized client testing and care is what sets our Allergy Testing Clinic apart. When you visit one of our clinic locations you can expect to receive 100% dedicated care and service. Our expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional allergy testing experience. Personalized client care is what sets Cindy Stockhall Clinics apart.


Are you one of the unfortunate hundreds of thousands of people in the UK that suffer from an allergy? Headaches? Migraines. tiredness, fatigue, eczema, asthma, catarrh, IBS, M.E, digestive disorders, congestion or depression?

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Over 1000 allergens tested


Diagnosis and Substance Testing with Mora Nova. The powerful and sophisticated treatment device. Mora Therapy provides us with over 3 decades of knowledge and refined results on all allergies and intolerance’s. More Therapy compliments orthodox medicine without replacing it. Diagnosis and therapy take place at a minute substance level with over 100 specific inbuilt therapy programmes to provide us with extensive allergy testing results without stressing the client.

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Over 1000 Allergens Tested

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Intolerance and Allergy Testing – BER (Bio-Electronic Regulator)

Using a Bio-electronic Regulator we can test for food intolerances and allergies, environmental allergens and vitamin and mineral deficiency. The BER is a medical registered machine under EU  Law.

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Improving your immune system.
Improving hormonal response.
Cleansing the connective tissue (Mesenchyme)
Slowing the ageing process of organs & tissues.
Improving your overall health.

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