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Digestive Disorders? Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Overweight? Obesity?

Asthma? Hyperactivity?

Joint Pain? Arthritis?

Tiredness? Fatigue?

Headaches? Migraines?

Runny Nose? Sneezing?

Itchy Eyes? Watering Eyes?

Skin Complaints? Rash? Eczema or Dermatitis Urticaria?

Swelling of the Lips? Tongue swollen?

Anaphylaxis? Anxiety or Depression?

Constant Coughing? Sore Throat?

Diarrhoea? Stomach Upset? IBS?

Nausea or Sickness, Vomiting?

Cindy Stockhall

Cindy Stockhall (Dip Ber)

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Detoxification with Mora Nova

High-end equipment at your service

Body Detox with Mora Nova, from the air we breath to the water we drink, and the foods we eat, we are continually bombarded with toxins.

As individuals we also increase this toxic overload by smoking, drinking alcohol, taking recreational drugs, prescribed medicines and by having mercury fillings in our teeth, the list of toxin build-up continues.

All these toxins slow down the body’s ability to function efficiently. Attacking our immune system, causing hormonal dysfunction and act a sa precursor for serious medical conditions and speed up the ageing process of our bodies.

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Pain Treatment

Specialized pain care

Pain is a signal from the body that something is not quite right. We all understand that pain from any cause can be debilitating. What is most important is the underlying cause of the pain.

Once a correct diagnosis is established then Mora Nova Therapy has been found to help provide relieve from such conditions, these include headaches, joint pains, Arthritis, muscle problems, back pain, back and neck problems and much more.