Mora Nova Therapy

What is The Mora Nova?

The Mora Nova is very sophisticated and the katest in a long line of medical testing and treatment devices. Mora Therapy was first developed by the brilliant German Doctor Dr.Franz Morell and equally talented electronics engineer Eric Rasche over thirty years ago.

Allergy Testing with Mora Nova

It is a complete assessment and treatment device using a client’s own “ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations or signals” which are electronically sensed, processed and then utilised as therapy, via the hand, foot and head electrodes. Toxic substance information is “deleted” by inverting the signal.

Orthodox Medicine

Mora Nova Therapy compliments orthodox medicine without replacing it. Diagnosis and therapy take place at a minute substance level which cannot be diagnosed and treated in the conventional way, thereby reaching disorders which cannot, or only superficially, be treated by orthodox medicine.

The body’s biophysical control mechanisms

The aim of Mora Nova Therapy is to regulate the body’s biophysical control mechanisms and to stimulate and reinforce the body’sown immune system. Various conditions can therefore be treated using the Mora Nova’s over 100 specific inbuilt therapy programmes.

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Allergy Testing with Mora Nova (Sensitivity Testing)

Dr.Morrell evolved a new allergy diagnosis system during the development of Mora Therapy. It was discovered that if information of a suispected allergen is applied to the person’s body in an inverted form on a previously diagnosed “pathological acupuncture point” i.e a point that is reading significantly higher than normal, than the reading on that point is much improved, thereby indicating that there is a problem with that particular substance.

Allergy Discovery

Because of the discovery today a large number of medicines, foods and all potential types of allergens can be tested to gain an extensive picture of a sensitivity without stressing the person. This system has now been developed to a point that today the new Mora Nova, unlike other testing systems which are only capable of testing for a few allergens, is capable of testing for over 1000 substances in a relatively short space of time.

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As we grow from childhood to adults our bodies are continually being bombarded with toxins, from the air we breath including occupational environments, the water we drink to the food we eat.

Toxic Overload

As individuals we also increase this toxic overload by smoking, drinking alcohol, taking recreational drugs, taking a cocktail of prescribed medicines and by having dental work as having mercury fillings in our teeth etc.

Immune System

All of these things are known to slow down the body’s ability to function efficiently. They attack our immune system, cause hormonal dysfunction and act as a precursor for serious medical conditions and speed up the ageing process in our bodies.

Effects on our Bodies

Factors which can affect our bodies such as pylons, computers, mobile phones and their signal masts, microwaves, T.V’s etc. We live in a world of electro magnetic fields (EMF) which can also damage our health.

Environmental Toxins

Allergy Testing Intolerance UK can test you for environmental toxins, give you advice about mercury fillings and other heavy metal poisoning and offer treatment.

Organ Toxification

Certain organs of the body also have a tendency to become toxic over time, these include the bowel, liver, kidneys, lymph glands etc. The Mora Nova has special built in programmes to help you detoxify against these problems whether the situation is acute or chronic. Detoxification with the Mora Nova helps to clear out the accumulated free radicals from your body thereby:

  1. Improving the immune system
  2. Improving Hormonal response
  3. Cleansing the connective tissue (Mesenchyme)
  4. Slowing the ageing process of organs & tissues
  5. Improving your overall health

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Pain Treatment with Mora

Pain is a signal from the body that something is not quite right. We all understand that pain from any cause can be debilitating. What is most important is the underlying cause of the pain.

Pain Diagnosis

Once a correct diagnosis is established then Mora Nova Therapy has been found to help provide relief from such conditions as:

  • Headaches
  • Joint Pains
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Problems
  • Back Problems
  • General Pains and much more

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