• Cindy provided great client care as well as a better future for my Son, Nathan. The allergy results had proven his symptoms were caused from the foods we had all been eating as a family. The supplements helped immensely and anew scheduled diet with food tolerance levels increased. Thank-you.
    Jude Fortune Food Intolerance Tests
  • I continually became unwell at irregular times of the year only to be told I should undergo allergy tests by my Doctor. I was fortunate enough to find Cindy and her allergy clinic in Somerset and made an appointment. My life has literally changed for the better since being tested and treated by Cindy. I shall be forever grateful.
    Alison Jones Visitor
  • I had come out in a rash and also suffered with eczema for many years, I found Cindy from a happy customer referral that told me how she could find what was causing my dermatitis and to help me stop wanting to scratch my skin for long periods of my life. After just 1 visit I was able to begin a much better and healthier life......without any scratching or suffering eczema again since.
    Trevor Broadhurst Patient
  • After 12 years of pain, exhaustion and countless prescriptions for pain killers, I struggled to walk up the drive to Cindy's bungalow with the aid of a stick. Just one hour later Cindy had diagnosed, ME: Candida: Mercury and Chlorine poisoning and various food allergies. I was given medication and a strict diet sheet which I followed meticulously. Within four days much of my pain had gone, within one week I was able to leave my stick at home, four weeks later I felt like a different person. After eight weeks most of the Mercury had gone and I was well on the way to beating Candida we dealt with the Chlorine by fitting a filter tap. In the three months that I had visited Cindy I have suffered two bereavements and a separation. Cindy was always on the end of the phone with support and encouragement and even visited my home on a cold and wet Sunday evening with medication and a friendly chat when I was at my lowest ebb. With her help I continue to make progress. She has turned my life around and given me a future I will always be in her debt.
    Margaret B
  • Thank-you so much for everything, the supplements you sent and you'll be delighted to know I am very fond of the recommend foods you gave me in my new dietary schedule. Thanks for all your help and support, I will be keeping in touch, so wonderful to know you are there if I need you!
    Barbara R
  • Dear Cindy I am so glad I came to you for an allergy test. I had been suffering from digestive problems for some years, which were getting worse and doctors were unable to find a cause. You pinpointed the problem straight away and by following your advice, I now have my life back. So, my gratfeul thanks to you! Jill K
  • Dear Cindy I enjoyed my visit and meeting you today, I am looking forward to the next one and the progress on my testing. Barbara R
  • "Thank you for that hour of sunshine and laughter in a gloomy week. "
  • As far back as I can remember I have always suffered with a poor appetite and a bloated uncomfortable feeling after nearly every meal. As i've gotten older there has been an increase in symptoms, and I started to suffer from severe migraines on a regular basis. I felt it was way past time to seek professional help and I was recommended by a work colleague to book a consultation with you. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of procedure, non-invasive and pain free, extremely educational and foods I thought were my friend were actually my enemy. Foods I had never considered have become real importance in my diet now. Armed with strategy that enables me to say goodbye to my migraines and my eczema, and the sudden unwelcome dozes after meals. I am greatly indebted to you Cindy for providing the means to achieve this. You are very client, knowledgeable and very professional in your approach. I look forward to my next assessment in 8 weeks and already can't thank you enough for the progress already made to improve my daily life. Lyndon M (Weston-super-Mare)
  • "I'm amazed, I've lost over a stone in just 2 months and I didn't even have to count the calories. A quality and enlightening service!"   Sophie, Somerset
    Sophie, Somerset
  • "I now wake up alert and stay in a good mood all day - what a complete miracle!"   Angela - Bristol
    Angela - Bristol
  • "I never thought it would be possible for me to be regular like clockwork! I now go every morning at the same time - how amazing that makes me feel, thank you!"   Tony, Brighton
    Tony, Brighton
  • Cindy treated me with the Mora Nova method, which has transformed my wellbeing, I have been suffering from intolerances, eczema and my general health was un-diagnosably poor. With her care and insight, Cindy put me on a route to health. I now feel remarkably better. I cannot recommend Cindy enough.
  • I've had several treatments with Cindy using the Mora Nova┬ásystem and I was amazed at the results. My energy levels rocketed to a whole new level and I felt better than I had for a very long time. I wasn't quite sure what results to expect, all I knew was that I felt out of all sorts and my energy levels were failing badly. After just 2 treatments I felt completely different, balanced and back on form. I would definitely recommend having a treatment and just see for yourself.  
    Jayne (Somerset)